Hey Weaver, what's my balance today?
Hello! Here's a breakdown of your accounts:
What's today's interest rate on a $15,000 loan?
Today's interest rate for standard loans is 3.2%
Ok, I'd like to set up an appointment with a loan assistant
Next Tuesday at 9:30 if possible
Great! I've set up an appointment for 9:30am next Tuesday at your preferred location.

Provide 24/7 Customer Support

Weaver allows you to help your customers with whatever they need, by providing world-class customer services around the clock. No more queues, no more hold music, and no more limited services hours.
Illustration of the Weaver Chatbot helping customers 24/7

A Personal Advisor for Every Customer

There's only so much your employees can do at once in a day. Weaver can step in to fill the gaps and can provide financial information and advice when your staff have their hands full.

Seamless Omni-Channel Experience

Reach your customers through whichever channel they prefer. Whether through Messenger, Whatsapp, or your own Banking App, Weaver can answer customer queries and requests on which ever platform is most convenient for them!
Illustration of Weaver and the omni-channel experience
Illustration of a happy employee

Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

A lot of time is often wasted on repeating and exchanging information just to make small money transfers or payments. Weaver takes these simple transactions off your employees' hands, allowing them to focus on more valuable and complex customer requests.
Intelligent Talk

Weaver understands the flow of human conversation, allowing for seamless conversation.


Weaver can understand most languages, from widely spoken ones to less common dialects.

Voice Ready

Weaver can easily respond to voice commands with unique and appropriate answers powered by deep learning.



Raiffeisen Electronic Assistant (Rea)


"Rea enables us to continuously serve our customers as quickly as possible, when they want and where they want."

Raiffeisen Bank Ltd Serbia


conversations with the chatbot in the first 6 months


more requests to the AI assistant than to any other channel


of users who use the AI assistant don't use any other channel