General Technology

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an innovative and interactive way for brands to communicate with their clients and end-users. By using artificial intelligence modules, the computer program is able to mimic a conversation between two people. It can perform a wide range of tasks, from offering simple answers and asking basic questions, to executing more complex actions such as providing transactional payments, account balances, and more. From finding out the location of the nearest bank branch to booking an exciting trip, a chatbot offers full customer service support in any industry.

What are Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms with the help of which computers are able to learn from any experience and perform tasks without specific instructions. Deep learning is a part of a wider area of machine learning methods. This popular method uses artificial neural networks in order to understand complex concepts, one of those being natural language processing.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an area of AI technology that gives computer systems the ability to process and analyze human conversation by reading, deciphering and understanding natural human language.

Weaver Chatbot

What is the difference between Weaver and other chatbots?

Weaver is not just a chatbot – it is a powerful notification platform that gathers multiple modules, (the chatbot module being one of them) into one functional solution, monitors all communication on various channels, and controls executional processes. Thanks to its features, Weaver can understand the majority of the world’s languages, allow customers to ask questions through all integrated communication platforms, and respond to all of them with the help of NLP. What’s more, by following a natural conversation flow, it completely simulates human-to-human interaction, providing necessary information in real-time. This leads to delivering an overall satisfactory experience to customers, and in return, many benefits for the company’s business. Read more about Weaver’s features and benefits here.

Do I have to implement Weaver to test it?

No. You can simply request a demo by clicking here, or you can test its demonstration via Facebook Messenger or Viber by chatting with Rea ( Viber / Messenger ) or Sozeta ( Messenger ), our in-production chatbot concept for Raiffeisen Bank and Société Générale. Their default language is Serbian, but you can also test them out in English by choosing your desired language from the menu in the chat window.

Is the Weaver platform customizable?

Yes, the Weaver chatbot platform is completely customizable. It can be programmed and customized to create unique a chatbot that best suits your company and industry.

What channels and social media platforms does Weaver support?

Weaver is supported on various social media and conversational platforms, just a few of them being Viber, Messinger, Slack, Skype and Web chat.

How does Weaver's AI technology work?

Weaver is based on six modules:

1. Channel connector
2. The main Weaver API
3. Module for natural language processing
4. Chatbot module engine
5. Administrator tool
6. Connector of external information sources

With the help of the above-mentioned modules, Weaver is able to send a message to the end-user, and is able to articulate quick responses and tasks in forms such as pictures, text, stickers or carousel menus, all with the help of NLP and deep learning. Furthermore, thanks to these modules, Weaver can also work on various communication platforms and offer overall customer service support.

Integration & Security

How is the Weaver platform integrated, and how does it perform on a client's backend system?

The Weaver solution is easily integrated into all core systems of any company. It assures full coverage over processes deliverable to the end users which can be executed through multiple sources. On the other hand, the integrated system optimizes all of the inner workings, connecting the data and calculating the most up to date results for the users’ inquires. Starting with simple account balance checking, moving to complex calculative offers or travel reservations, the integration point enables companies to monitor and control the main core business over multiple channels.

What security measures does Weaver employ to protect personal data?

As far as data security goes, Weaver does not acquire nor accept any personal information from unregistered users. In the case of registered ones, the conversational AI platform only accepts and stores the connection between the user’s unique channel identifier and user’s unique identifier in the bank system. This connection through the unique identificator is used for advanced functions such as money transactions, and bank account balance checks. The users can disable these functions, and the previously mentioned connection will thus be rendered functionless.