Hey Weaver, I'd like to get tested for COVID
Hello! Let me find the testing centre nearest to your location.
Here is your nearest testing location:
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Perfect, thanks Weaver!

Provide Help Urgently when it's Needed

Weaver is available 24/7, ready to answer any query whenever your customers are in need. This means customers won't have to wait to get answers, reducing frustration and churn. Weaver can also let your customers know test results, and keep their medical history organized and at their fingertips.
Illustration of the Weaver Chatbot helping customers 24/7
Hey Weaver, when is my next medical check-up?
Hey Alex!
Your next appointment is on the 6th of January with you family doctor.
Great, thanks for the reminder.
Could you let my doctor know I've been feeling very tired recently, and I don't know why?
Sure thing! I've added it to your appointment notes.

Book and manage appointments in a breeze.

Weaver allows your customers to book appointments without having to wait in bothersome queues. This reduces churn and improves customer satisfaction, whilst also freeing up your employees to take on more meaningful tasks!

Seamless Omni-Channel Experience

Reach your customers through whichever channel they prefer. Whether through Messenger, Whatsapp, or your own Healthcare App, Weaver can answer customer queries and requests on which ever platform is most convenient for them!
Illustration of Weaver and the omni-channel experience
Intelligent Talk

Weaver understands the flow of human conversation, allowing for seamless conversation.


Weaver can understand most languages, from widely spoken ones to less common dialects.

Voice Ready

Weaver can easily respond to voice commands with unique and appropriate answers powered by deep learning.



conversations with the chatbot in the first 6 months


more requests to the AI assistant than to any other channel


of users who use the AI assistant don't use any other channel