My child needs braces. Is that covered under my group plan?
Hey! Let me check. Who is your employer?
I work for the government of New Brunswick
Ok, could you please upload the estimate provided by your dentist?
Upload files
Sending estimate-baillie-9-14-20.pdf
Thank you! Your plan includes Dental Coverage up to $2,000/year.
Would you like me to send you the claim form?

Policy Holders Have Needs Around the Clock

Customers need you when they need you, and there is no compromise over that. With Weaver, clients can file their claims as soon as possible. Clients get information as soon as they send Weaver their first message, whether about a current situation with their account or because they’d like to buy new products, such as travel insurance.
Illustration of the Weaver Chatbot helping customers 24/7

Automate Administrative Activities

Weaver’s platform allows your clients to automatically fill in the necessary details for insurance, without having to repeat themselves. This allows them to receive custom-tailored offers without having to wait on hold, and having to repeat themselves to representatives.

Seamless Omni-Channel Experience

Reach your customers through whichever channel they prefer. Whether through Messenger, Whatsapp, or your own Banking App, Weaver can answer customer queries and requests on which ever platform is most convenient for them!
Illustration of Weaver and the omni-channel experience
Illustration of a happy employee

Harmonious Onboarding

A Chatbot relieves your customer success team of repetitive actions, by providing a wealth of information to users through human conversation simulation. The user always has the option to switch to an agent during the chatbot conversation. If the user switches to the agent after a conversation with the chatbot, the agent has an insight into that conversation and continues uninterrupted communication.
Intelligent Talk

Weaver understands the flow of human conversation, allowing for seamless conversation.


Weaver can understand most languages, from widely spoken ones to less common dialects.

Voice Ready

Weaver can easily respond to voice commands with unique and appropriate answers powered by deep learning.



conversations with the chatbot in the first 6 months


more requests to the AI assistant than to any other channel


of users who use the AI assistant don't use any other channel